“Mary’s Place”

On October 3, 2015 Mary’s Place by the Sea held their 2nd Annual Ocean Front Bash with over 300 supporters at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park.

Honored at the event was Dr. Peter Mencel for the Healthcare Hero Award, Shore to Help for The Humanitarian Heroes Award and Dean and Loretta Nelson for The Community Pioneer Heroes Award. Founder Michele Gannon speaks of the event, “I am overwhelmed at the love and support from everyone who joined us at the Oceanfront Bash. It was an amazing night filled with generosity and inspiration from our attendees. I am grateful to our incredible Bash committee and especially Tease Gould, Maggie Simon and Clare Freda for giving of themselves tirelessly to create such a successful event. Mary’s Place by the Sea started as a mission focused on LOVE and I believe it is now a movement felt by all who become a part of our world.” 


“Cancer takes things away from you, Mary’s Place gives them back,” Guest Marie Madden spoke at the event about her support for Mary’s Place.  

“I have Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, but like all people with cancer, I do not want to be defined or identified by my disease. At Mary’s Place, I am encouraged, nourished, enriched, pampered, and appreciated for who I am.”


When a woman is going through her battle of cancer there are few places she can turn to that will give her a place to rest and recuperate, Mary’s Place by the Sea not only provides unconditional care during their time of extreme need but does it at NO COST to their guests. Guests are welcome to stay a few hours or a few days, if needed. Some of the services offered to guests are oncology massage, nutritional counseling, guided meditation, yoga, strength training and journaling. Mary’s Place gives the Doctors a place to send their patients where they can get the extra care they need. “Mary’s Place gives my patients the support and happiness that they need, they call it paradise. When going through a diagnosis like Cancer one needs someone who understands them and this is what Mary’s place is, they understand them. I’m inspired very much, it’s a very spiritual place.” says Dr. Peter Mencel. 
Dean’s Natural Market has been sponsoring Mary’s Place by the Sea by donating every month to help with the organic meals served to their guests since they opened their doors in 2009. “Mary’s Place possess’ a pureness that is born from love, and the desire to heal from deep within. When I think of Mary’s Place, I think of the great spiritual leaders of our time, who committed their lives to awakening and healing humankind. I am myself awakened and inspired by their acts of kindness.” Dean Nelson, Owner of Dean’s Natural Market.


The first care center was opened in the summer of 2009 and currently operates at 15 Broadway Avenue in Ocean Grove as a 4 bedroom home. Mary’s Place is currently building a 10-bedroom home so that they will never have to tell a woman she has to wait to receive these services, which have nearly 5,000 women feel loved and supported.


Shore to Help raised $50,000 sponsoring the spa in the new home. Mark Gardner speaks about why they decided to help Mary’s Place, “They came and spoke to us about their mission and literally they had us in tears. We were trying to be professional so we waited until they left then cried our eyes out! We knew that we want to be associated with them.” Darren Spadavechia who is on the Board spoke about his personal experience, ” I grew up with a mother who had breast cancer so it was really a step back because I was young and I didn’t realize what my mother was going through. I kind of reflected back saying I wish I was more aware of what was going on. Thankfully she got through it so for me that’s where it was really touched my heart.”


Volunteers care for the guests at Mary’s Place so the women may focus on their healing gaining strength to win the battle with cancer during their stay. All services are at NO COST to the guests and funds are raised through private events or through two annual events ran by Mary’s Place, their Walk-a-thon and Ocean Front Bash.


Madden ended the night with this, “Your generosity has made a difference in my life.  It has made a difference in the lives of many women before me, and with your help, it will make a positive difference in the lives of ten of thousands of women who follow me to Mary’s Place.”


Mary’s Place by the Sea is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization.


To watch a video to learn more about Marys Place please CLICK HERE